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Quality Control Under Review and Under Control

Last year, Award Concepts introduced and brought the Badge ACcent to market.  This year we will be introducing our new online ordering platform.  Our Gift for You (www.rGIFT4u.com) is full of many industry firsts for employee recognition.  The platform will debut in March of this year.  We are very excited about this and wanted to provide a sneak peak of one of its features.

A common concern and question that we’ve been hearing from program administrators is what are service award vendors doing to monitor, assess, and evaluate their award selections.  Our answer to this is the ability for awardees to review the gifts in our  award collections thus providing a means for quality control.

employee recognition review screen

Once an award has been selected and shipped to the employee our online ordering system will send a follow-up email inviting and asking for that individual to provide a review of the award they selected and received.

employee recognition review submitted

These reviews are monitored by our customer care group.  If the review received is anything less than excellent, the first course of action is to contact the awardee and provide a solution to rectify any issue brought to our attention. We strive to resolve issues quickly…that’s why our clients have called us THE BEST in customer care.  Our personal contact will impress your employees.

A review such as this will open a ticket within our system prompting an investigation regarding any dissatisfaction about the item or Recognition Experience. After investigation, we will determine if the item needs to be improved upon with a new product or if there was a mis-manufacture.

employee recognition review queue

These product reviews will be featured with product descriptions as your employees visit your on-line catalog, rGIFT4u.com.  Reading reviews will generate excitement for your employees and help in their selection process.

What do you think about this new employee recognition review feature?  Do you have any suggestions for improving upon this feature or the addition of any additional features to the Our Gift for You platform?  We’d love to hear your thoughts/comments.


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  • Shelley February 1st, 2013 8:29 pm

    I think this is a great idea. It’s a good quality control measure. You are willing to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their gift so no one should leave unhappy

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